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Stockist Spotlight | Homebody

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Transcript of interview with Josie Collard, owner of Homebody.

Tell us a little about yourself and your store…

Hi! I am Josie Collard and I’m the owner of Homebody in Nelson Bay. We opened Homebody 10 years ago.

I had another store up in the marina in Port Stephens but I wanted to be up in the main part of town. We started with homewares and a little bit of clothing and we now do babies and infants 'cause I think I’ll always be clucky.

We sell some beautiful products… especially Lluie - that we absolutely adore. It’s beautiful; beautiful teething rings and they come in lovely colours. We’re very very happy with the supplier.

We have beautiful girls that work with us. We also have a bigger store called the home interiors.

What inspired you to open your store?

I saw the space and it was very very old and I thought I am going to pull it all out and start again. So we did that and I’m really really happy as we are in a perfect, beautiful position and we’re always busy so I’m very lucky that it all worked out because it doesn’t always all work out.

What do you love about having the store?

I get to have a lot of variety. We have customers that have been supporting us for 10 years and also lovely staff who have worked for us for a very long time. And just being in business in the bay in this beautiful area we are very very lucky. And I have my business partner, he is my husband. He is very busy and he is mostly in the other store which has a cafe and our bigger homeware store.

Thank you Josie for sharing with us about your two beautiful stores in Nelson Bay ♡♡

To find out more about Josie’s store please follow this link.


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