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Simplifying Your Baby’s Wardrobe

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Less is More

As a teacher, business owner and mum, the concept of less is more has made such a positive change to my lifestyle and daily practices.

Ever wondered why minimalism is so on trend? In our modern day lifestyle we are busy busy busy all the time. The last thing we would want to do is stand in front of our wardrobe and our children’s wardrobe for long periods of time deciding what will go with what.

Applying the less is more concept to our daily lives would help so much in creating space, time and freedom for us.

You see, I have two girls. I was so excited with my first, and got carried away with buying outfits and toys for her. Lesson learnt indeed! When little Esme came along,  I made a decision to put 'Less is More' into practice and it's such a breath of fresh air. Less clutter and I can keep track of what I have bought for her.

I still have two boxes of clothes that I really didn't need from Delia, that Esme didn't even use - but a 'how to declutter' might have to be a post for another time. 

Have you ever heard of a Baby Capsule Wardrobe?

I LOOOOVE the concept of a baby capsule wardrobe. It is where ONLY essential, classic and versatile pieces are used. This is not Marie Kondo, where you keep items that spark joy. Instead we aim to select items that are everlasting and that will always be loved. And when you realise how they work together so beautifully for you, you’ll fall more deeply in love with them. A baby capsule wardrobe is something that can be kept for your next child too and still be timeless and lovely.

Here are some items I recommend in a baby capsule wardrobe:

  • 3-5 short sleeve bodysuits
  • 3-5 long sleeve bodysuits
  • 3-5 sleep suits
  • 3 swaddles - we prefer traditional square lightweight muslin blankets (so versatile!)
  • 3 tights + 3 leggings/pants
  • 3 bloomers/nappy covers
  • 3-5 pairs of socks
  • 5 layering pieces - 2 jumpers, 2 cardigans, 1 coat
  • 2 bonnets
  • 1 pair of soft soled shoes

That's it! This will be a good starting point. If you feel like you need some extra pieces for warmer summer months or more pieces for the colder months, you can always add them on later.

Here are some additional guidelines to setting up your BCW:

  1. Choose a theme first - a colour theme will help you streamline the colours of your nursery. Do you like Neutrals? Pastels? Moody tones? Try to stick to that colour palette and you will see consistency in your baby's nursery and this helps to keep it simple. If you want to extend this further - you can even select an 'Ocean', 'Australian', 'Safari', 'Jungle' theme for your nursery and purchase items reflecting the aesthetics of that theme. #BeConsistent
  2. Keep it simple - limit the number of prints you collect; they are the hardest to match.
  3. Choose quality over quantity - instead of buying 6 fast fashion outfits, buy instead 3 slow fashion, handmade, good quality ones from small businesses. I guarantee you will always be in love with them knowing also the story behind the creations of those items and being more connected with the small business that you love.

Next up, we'll be sharing our new Lluie Essential Collection that will lend so beautifully to your baby's capsule wardrobe. I've sat and thought thoroughly on this range to help you busy mummas to get your baby's wardrobe to work effortlessly for you.

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