Eco Friendly & Thoughtful Packaging

Engaging in sustainable practices is important to us at Lluie and we have spent a huge amount of time in creating sustainable and thoughtful packaging to accompany our range of products.

Teething Toys & Dinnerware

Our teething toys and dinnerware come beautifully packaged in a reusable cotton drawstring bag completed with a gift tag that contains product information and a section for you to include baby's name if your purchase is a gift.

We have thoughtfully designed our packaging for our teething toys and dinnerware as such so that they come gift ready.

Our beautiful reusable bags come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large; for the respective sizes of teething toys or dinnerware.

They are amazing for repurposing to organise your items in the nappy bag, organise toys in the playroom (great for practising toy rotation), storing your breast pump in a discreet fashion.

We encourage you to join us in leaving a minimal environmental footprint by reusing these bags.

Teething Toys Reusable Drawstring Bags Packaging + Gift Tag

Dinnerware Reusable Drawstring Bags Packaging + Gift Tag

Dummy Chains

Due to packaging legal compliance, our dummy chains come in a window box packaging to best display product info, safety and warning as stipulated in the guidelines. We recommend that you keep the box for reference to the information but once you no longer have use for it, this packaging is fully recyclable. It is made from paper and hard plastic and therefore fully recyclable. Please dispose of thoughtfully in the recycling bin.

Baby Wraps

Our baby wraps come beautifully wrapped in a cardstock paper roll that is also fully recyclable.

Order Packaging

We have made the transition into mailing boxes and ditched plastic satchels in our commitment to sustainable business practices. All orders are packaged in mailing boxes with recycled tissue wrapping paper and/or bubble wraps and packing peanuts that we reuse directly from shipments our suppliers send us. We encourage you to reuse them where possible or else dispose of thoughtfully as well.

We hope that by engaging in these business practices, we can create a positive influence no matter how small for a more sustainable future for the next generation.