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Who are we? We are Bernard, Delia, Esme and Charmaine. Bernard and I moved to Melbourne, Australia from Singapore in 2015 in search of better work life balance. But I struggled to find a teaching job upon arrival, and not long after, I conceived Delia, so I decided to be a stay at home mum for a season with Delia. I absolutely loved bonding with her and being part of her early growing years.


However, when Delia was about 6 months, I started to feel the guilt of seeing Bernard going to work but personally not being able to make significant financial contributions to the family. Honestly, I just felt crap about myself – I was so torn. I wanted a career for myself, to not let my degree go to waste,  concerned that my skills would become redundant and I would no longer be valuable to the dynamic society that we live in. I yearned to do something for myself, not just be depended upon by a young baby. Yet, I loved being home with Delia and wanted to still be home with her as she was so young.

That’s when I thought - what if I could work from home!

As a professionally trained teacher with a Degree in Psychology and being a mum to a young baby, I naturally gravitated towards a business idea that would foster my passion for nurturing growth, inspiring inquisitive exploration and learning for little ones. I have always loved design.


This is how Lluie began. 


Our brand philosophy is to design and create heirloom quality products that are non-toxic and functional to modern day mums and babies. Inspired by life with our (now) two little ones, the focus is on creating timeless quality pieces for mums, babies and the home.


As I design each Lluie product, I honestly feel like I am back in my uni days. Writing that toy proposal for my developmental psychology project - except that now, the toy is actually coming to life and being sent to an actual testing laboratory to get safety tested and certified! 


Safety is never compromised in all our toy designs. We source for high quality safety certified materials and send our designs for laboratory testing and certification. All our toys have been proudly certified to the Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124 by an accredited laboratory.


We seek to continue to increase our repertoire of products - always beautifully designed, always high quality and always safe for little ones.


Our vision is to expand as a lifestyle brand local at heart and global in outlook.


- Charmaine, Founder & Designer, LLUIE