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Weekend Getaway Idea: Top 5 Must Dos in Echuca

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Looking for a beautiful place to visit for a family weekend getaway? My family and I visited the beautiful charming town of Echuca recently and I wanted to share our top 5 must dos when there!

1. Visit the Port of Discovery Centre

Port of Echuca Discovery Centre

Port of Echuca Discovery Centre inside the Cargo Train

Our girls had so much fun exploring and learning about steam engines and the interactive displays that shared about the history of the inland port. We also enjoyed gorgeous views of the Paddlesteamers and the Murray River on the red gum walkways. There is also a restored cargo train that we had fun hopping in and out of and taking beautiful photos.

We spent about one hour at this attraction before our Paddlesteamer cruise. The waiting point was just next door.

2. Hop onboard a historic Paddlesteamer

onboard PS Pevensey Paddlesteamer

Paddlesteamer along the Murray River

We had a really memorable hour long cruise along the Murray River onboard the beautiful PS Pevensey. Pack some snacks and drinks to keep little (and big) tummies happy on the cruise. You can book the cruise tickets here.

3. Clip Clop along the streets of Echuca via a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Riding on a Horse Drawn Carriage along the street of Echuca

Our girls had a beautiful time pretending they were princesses waving to passers-by as we rode along the street of Echuca. A wonderful memory created to last us a lifetime. You can find out more here.

4. Ice Cream treat anyone?

enjoying ice cream from Port Ice Creamery Echuca

It was extremely hot when we were visiting Echuca. We enjoyed delicious ice cream from The Port Ice Creamery and cooled off a little from the sweltering heat. Who can resist ice cream on a holiday anyway?! Ice cream = happy girls = happy holiday haha!

5. High Street Shopping

Shop along high street and discover beautiful cafes and boutique shops. Here are some of our faves:

Echuca Heritage Sweet Co

Lots of lollies from around the world to be found. 

The Sweet Meadow

A beautiful vegan cafe with delightful decor. Take out your cameras for insta-worthy snaps!

I Want I Need

We just had to visit our beautiful stockist I Want I Need.

I Want I Need is a Lifestyle Emporium founded by the beautiful Lisa. You can find our range of swaddles, teething toys, dummy chains and puzzles at her gorgeous store.

Lisa & Charmaine at I Want I Need Lifestyle Emporium in Echuca

Hope you love the ideas and have a beautiful weekend getaway to Echuca in time to come x

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