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The Creation of the Lluie X Dawn Tan Baby Swaddles

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Our Lluie x Dawn Tan Baby Muslin Swaddles have been in the works for a looooong time (over a year and a half) and we’re so excited for them to go LIVE!

Thought I'd share about how the whole swaddle project began...

It all began when I was thinking of falling pregnant again with a second baby and thought it would be really nice to have a product that my 'new baby' could use. After all, Lluie began with silicone jewellery and teething toys when my first started her teething phase.

I love collecting pretty swaddles ( I am a print fanatic! Think leopard print... my husband rolls his eyes... pretty florals... yes I have a wardrobe problem with trying to find clothes that match as they all have prints that unfortunately, don't match) and have been seeing so many gorgeous ones in the market. Then I thought, why not embark on #projectswaddle but create something the market is currently lacking in!

And so... after long sleepless night of thinking of ideas and where to find a designer... the aha! moment came.

Wait a minute, isn't my friend a watercolour artist?

I love her paintings, they are absolutely beautiful and would be really unique to be printed on swaddles as I have not seen one like it before!

Ocean Artwork Dawn tan X Lluie
Savannah Artwork Dawn Tan X Lluie
Aren't these watercolour illustrations beautiful?!

The Collaboration with the Artist

Local Melbourne artist Dawn Tan and I have known each other back when we were still in secondary school and fate as you call it has brought me back in touch with her again when we moved to Melbourne! We’ve even had our pregnancies just 4 months apart and spent most of last year working hard on this new product whilst sharing our #morningsickness woes half the time.

A little about the artist herself. Dawn Tan is an amazing watercolour artist whose work has been featured in numerous publications such as Frankie Magazine, Gourmet Traveller, Uppercase magazine, Smith Journal and so on. 

So about 1.5 years ago (after the aha! moment), I asked Dawn if she could create a watercolour piece for us to print onto a baby swaddle. She agreed and then I laid out the specifications of the watercolour illustration (120 by 120cm, gender neutral, the animals etc). Whilst Dawn Tan was creating and fine tuning the watercolour artwork for the swaddles I began to source for a reputable factory who would be able to produce this for us on quality material that we would, as mums use on our own babies.

After many many months of hard work, the samples finally arrived on 14th of May 2019 and we both couldn’t be happier and in awe at the physical sample in our hands (yes we literally drove over to Dawn's place to show the samples to her so we could get excited together). The quality is ah-mazing! Something really special has indeed been created!

We are so excited to have worked with her on the two exclusive designs, the Ocean watercolour illustration and the Savannah watercolour illustration, drawn entirely on a 120 by 120cm canvas and thereafter printed onto a bamboo + organic cotton blend fabric, cut and then sewn to become our Lluie X Dawn Tan Baby Muslin Swaddles.

Ocean Swaddle - Dawn Tan X Lluie
Savannah Swaddle - Dawn Tan X Lluie

We hope you love them as much as we both and our babies do!  X


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