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Top 5 Benefits of Puzzles for Children and their Development

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Do you remember spending hours fixing jigsaw puzzles as a child? I recall getting lost in my Alice in Wonderland 300 piece jigsaw puzzle I had after school during my childhood days. Hours would fly past and my mum would call out that it is dinnertime although it seemed like just minutes have gone past.

So what are the amazing benefits that jigsaw puzzles bring to children?

1. Return to the magic of a quiet childhood pastime

No screen time needed to keep your child 100% focussed on a quiet activity. Have you heard of the mental state of 'flow'? It is a state where you get lost in the activity, beyond the point of distraction because you enjoy it so much, you lose the sense of time. Wouldn't we love to see our children caught in that? Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to get your children immersed in an activity.

2.  Jigsaw puzzles exercise the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously

Watch your children combine logic (left brain) with creativity (right brain) to solve the puzzle! Such a good mental exercise to improve those problem solving skills and develop memory skills.

3. Improves visual-spatial reasoning

When working to solve the puzzle, your children would have to look at the individual pieces and check against the picture on the box to figure out where the pieces have to go. As they practise this important life skill, they will improve in their reasoning. It is this very skill that they need to learn to understand how to read a map... drive... follow dance moves.

4. Great family bonding activity with family

Working to solve a puzzle together with your children is a great way to connect with them. You all have a shared goal, whilst piecing the puzzle together you can form conversations around the theme of the puzzle.

5. Great for alone time

Conversely, if your child has had a big day or feeling big emotions, jigsaw puzzles offer that opportunity to have that quiet time alone for a mindful activity. As your children work to overcome the challenge to complete the puzzle, they will experience that sense of joy and achievement upon finally completing the puzzle. This is such a good way to teach your children to persevere in spite of the obstacles they will face.


Our beautifully illustrated themed puzzles are such a great way to enjoy those benefits I have just shared. Other than the 5 key benefits, our puzzles also offer your children a way to learn about the flora and fauna around us. The educational themed puzzles also come with activity ideas to extend from. So put away the screens, and enjoy a bit of nice quiet old fashioned childhood activity with your children and create beautiful memories with them.

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