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How do you know when your baby is ready to start solids?

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Is your baby ready to start solids - or not?

I remember when Delia was about 3 months of age and drooling lots - I thought wow is she teething already? I shared this development with my maternal health nurse and she said actually it could also be my baby’s salivary glands that are developing, preparing for solids, not necessarily teething although the development for both coincides. Further research on excess drooling is connected to the development of the digestive system.

Although your little one (LO) might be drooling before 6 months of age, it’s generally recommended that babies start solids from 6 months of age and there are a few more signs to look out for when your baby is ready.

According to, your baby is ready for solids when:

  • Your baby can sit upright when supported
  • Has good head and neck control
  • Shows interest in food - looking at what you eat/opening mouth when you offer them food
  • Attempts to reach for your food

These signs are noted to be shown by around 6 months, and can be earlier or later for different babies.

However, introduction of solids is not recommended before 4 months of age.

I remember being very eager to start Delia on her solid journey being a first time mum but yet while she displayed the signs she was ready, I was pretty apprehensive and worried she will choke on her food. So her first food was a very diluted steamed baby spinach (high in folic!) blended with breastmilk. I can’t actually even call it a puree - it was almost like water in consistency - but it gave me the courage to spoon feed her and to even work out how to get my baby to open her mouth and to feed her without creating a mess! Thankfully I gained more confidence over the next few days to work with a thicker consistency and eventually incorporated Baby Led Weaning into Delia’s solids journey as well.

Are you wondering what are the different approaches to a baby’s solids journey? Head on to my next blog post to find out!


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