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Choosing the Right Teething Toy for Your Baby

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Are you seeing many teething toy options around but not sure what the differences are and which will work for you?

Or perhaps you are wondering when to give them to your baby? Or which toy to get for your baby?

Teething toys provide a great form of distraction and much needed relief for babies. But other than for teething purposes, they can also function for various other purposes.

So think of teething toys as a teether and also a toy to be played with. Before we go into the details, it's also worth noting that babies love a range of surfaces or textures and toys that are easy to grip.

I'm going to shine the light on the differences between our Lluie teething toy options to help you make an informed decision on which teething toy will be great for you and your baby's needs.


Let's start with teething toys great for 0 months onwards.

Our Pram and Play Gym Toys are great for babies from 0 months onwards. They also have an extra function for later on as a teether during the teething stage which hits anytime between 4-6 months onwards. 

From about 0 - 6 months, babies are able to reach for objects that interest them and learn about cause and effect. Spending time under the play gym helps them learn to interact with their environment, in this case by hitting the toys hanging above them.

All our 2-in-1 toys have been designed to rattle when play with. This makes it interactive so your babies will have so much fun playing with it and hearing the beautiful rattle noises the toys will make.

Babies outgrow their play gyms by around 6 months of age once they can sit up unassisted.

With our play gym toys, you can be assured to know that you’ll still get longevity out of them. This is because they double as pram toys or toys you can use in the car! #SoVersatile

Our 2-in-1 Pram and Play Gym Toys allow you to attach them in the car (on the grab bar above your baby’s car seat) or on the pram. This keeps your baby entertained on the go. So you can drive in peace, do your shopping in peace or enjoy your walks in the park.

Our Pram and Play Gym Toys are certified safe for teething. So whilst they are attached to the car or pram you can be assured that your little one has a safe toy to chew on.

Lluie Love 2-in-1 Teething Pram Toy

You can purchase the 2-in-1 pram toy individually or get them as a set of 3 for a value bundle to go on your baby gym frame and use interchangeably on your pram.

P.S if you're wondering which wooden play gym frame to get, we recommend the one from Kmart to match our set of 3 play gym toys. Fits perfectly.

Shop our Pram and Play Gym Toys here.


Our handheld teethers and rattles are great for babies from about 3 months of age.

This is when they are developmentally capable of grasping and holding onto an object. This is also the stage where they explore and learn about things by mouthing them. So giving them a safe and suitable object that they can chew on is important.

Our teethers and rattles are great for this stage. As with all our teething toy designs, they are laboratory certified to be 100% non-toxic and 100% safe to chew on.

Our teethers and rattles vary in design for different functionalities.

Our Ring Pop Rattle produces the brightest sounding rattle when played with - it is also our bestselling design as babies adore it.

Our Hexx Teething Rattle produces a more mellow rattle - perfect for taking out with you or as a spare rattle being more minimal in design.

Our Trio Teether is a freezer safe design - designed to provide that extra teething relief for your poor bubbas on those really tough teething days when they need more comfort from chewing on a nice cool teether.

Our Essential Teether is the most minimalistic in our range - because one or even two teethers are never enough (leave this spare teether upstairs, or in your nappy bag to save you on days you forget when you rush out of the house, or leave one at grandma’s house!)

Trio Freezer Teether

If you're wondering how much use the handheld teethers and rattles will get, I would say from my experience with my two girls and conversations with my customers, up till your baby is 1 - 2 year old. This varies depending on when your little one's teething needs and how fast they get their full set of teeth.

Shop our Teethers & Rattles Collection here.


Lluie Interlock Teething Pram Garland

Aesthetically pleasing in design (looks so Instagrammable!), our pram garlands allow you to attach it horizontally across your pram instead of vertically like our pram toys. It rattles on both ends for your little ones to get lots of play during your beautiful park strolls. Also certified safe for teething so you don't have to worry if your baby is chewing away heartily on it. This is perfect to use from newborn up to about 2 years old!

Shop our Pram Garlands here.

Know the best thing about our range of teething toys? They are of such great quality and so well made, you will be able to pass them onto your next baby #SoDurable and #EnvironmentallySustainable

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