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10 Reasons to LOVE our Lluie Puzzles

Posted by Charmaine Chee on

Not sure if our puzzles are right for you? Well, sit tight because I'm going to give you 10 reasons you didn't know about our puzzles that you are gonna LOVE!

1. Educational Themed

On top of all the key benefits of doing a puzzle, our puzzles are also educational themed. So whilst piecing the puzzle together, your children will be able to learn all about the beautiful animals and plants that live around the world. One of my visions for our puzzles was to inspire the desire to learn about the world through play.

2. Beautifully Designed

I was quite frankly tired of seeing all the cartoonish, kiddy designs on jigsaw puzzles. I wanted puzzles that us mamas could, as an adult, enjoy piecing together with our children; illustrations that appeal to us.

3. Proudly Featuring Works of Australian Artists

Our puzzle illustrations feature original artworks that we commissioned local Australian Artists to create exclusively for us. You can't find these beautiful puzzles anywhere else - but Lluie.

4. Eco-friendly

Our puzzles and the beautiful magnetic close boxes they come in are both made from recycled paper. You will find that the puzzles are thoughtfully packaged in a reusable drawstring pouch nestled within the box. Both of which allows you to store the puzzles in your preferred way.

5. High Quality

One of the biggest pains with a puzzle is the flimsy box packaging that it comes in and we find ourselves having to find an alternate storage for the puzzle pieces after the initial uses.

Our beautiful magnetic close box packaging will wow you as it is not only durable, it's so easy for your little ones to open and close the box. Say goodbye to torn puzzle boxes.

Did I mention easy for little ones to pack up all on their own too?!

6. Activities Galore

I've spent the extra time thinking of creative ideas to play with the puzzles and get real value from it - making it so easy for you to enjoy with your kids.

You'll find heaps of activity ideas enclosed on the box design to extend from the jigsaw activity. There's even a word reference list to help you along should you not be familiar with some of the animals or plants featured on the illustration.

7. Just the Right Size

We've played with small puzzles and giant puzzles. Like Goldilocks in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we wanted to find one that was just right. Large enough so our children and easily pay attention to the beautiful illustrations and learn about the animals and plants they see. Small enough so we could easily find space for it on the floor or bring it out with us.

This brings me to my next point..

8. Great For Travel!

We love to bring some books, a puzzle and a favourite toy when we travel to keep our girls entertained. Can I say, this puzzle is a must!

I have created this puzzle with the intention of making it perfect for bringing on travels. The activity itself and the activity ideas to extend from will give you heaps to do when you find some empty pockets of time on your holiday.

The two storage options the puzzles come in also gives you the flexibility of choice for travel purposes. 

9. The Perfect Keepsake

Made with high quality print and materials, you can keep this as a family toy to pass down to the next child or close relative. If you like, might I suggest it will look wonderful pieced together and framed in your children's room or living room as wall art too?

10. Makes the Best Gifts

Stuck on gift ideas? Tired of all the usual Smiggle stationery, Lego, clothing that has been gifted multiple times? Our puzzles are gonna wow your loved ones! They are one-of-a-kind and hard to find so you are guaranteed to make your loved ones feel very special. This is a gift that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

Charmaine xx




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