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Your baby's safety is of utmost importance to us at Lluie.
Many concerned mammas have asked me how we make our toys safe, especially as they are made up of beads that go right into baby mouths.
So, I would like to share a little more about the great lengths we take to ensure that every finished product is 100% safe.
1. Accredited standard
Our teething toys are designed following the strict guidelines of the Australian and New Zealand Safety Standard for Toys (AS/NZS 8124) and dummy chains follow the European Standard (EN 12586) as required in Australia.
After the design phase, our products are sent to an accredited independent testing laboratory overseas for testing and certification.  Making sure that both the design AND construction of our toys will not come apart whilst chewing gives us all peace of mind. I've attached our Lluie Certification Reports from our testing laboratory below for your interest.
2. Quality Materials
We only source high quality food grade silicone and beechwood that are 100% natural and non-toxic with certifications provided by our suppliers. This means that it’s perfectly safe to put into baby’s mouth, knowing they are not ingesting any harmful chemicals.
In addition, the silicone beads that we use are highly durable, bacteria and mould resistant. The beechwood beads and rings are also hardwearing for durability and naturally anti-bacterial.
3. Good Manufacturing Practice
We always start working with a clean surface that has been wiped down and inspect each and every finished product before cleaning them with a baby wipe and packaging them.
4. Compliant Packaging
The packaging we use for our teething toys and dummy chains are also compliant to the Australian and New Zealand safety regulations. We go to great lengths to ensure our packaging whilst being compliant, is also eco-friendly. You can read more about our conscious packaging here.