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Rewards Terms & Conditions

1. Membership

Membership is free, no purchase necessary to gain access to our LLUIE Rewards Programme. You must however create an account to be eligible to earn rewards. 

2. Your Membership Account

You must be 18 years and above to be eligible to create an account. Only one member account is allowed per person. By creating a membership account with LLUIE, you agree to maintain your records in complete, accurate, current and truthful manner. You agree to accept responsibility to all information managed in your account. Should you access the member account for someone other than yourself, on behalf of that person, you agree to bind that person to all our Terms and Conditions.

For more details on how your personal information shared with LLUIE is managed through the use of your membership account, please see our privacy policy here.

3. Termination

You may cancel your account with us at any time. Please send us an email at to cancel stating clearly your personal particulars (First Name, Last Name) and email used to created your account. Upon cancellation, all remaining points will be forfeited. There will be no redemption value.

4. Use of Reward Points

All reward points cannot be redeemed for cash nor are they transferrable. Reward points may only be redeemed in the following incremental value as stipulated by LLUIE:

500 points - $5 off

1000 points - $10 off

2500 points - $25 off

The minimum purchase for reward points redemption to apply is $25.00. The minimum number of points that can be applied is 500. The maximum number of points that can be applied is 2500 points.

Redemption will be in the form of a discount code to be applied at checkout. Only one discount code may be applied per order and cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes. - any residual amount left will be forfeited.

Points may only be used through our website. Points may only be used to offset a purchase price of a product - it is not redeemable for cash or a free product.

5. Earning Reward Points through Shopping with Us

Members earn reward points at a rate of 5 points per dollar spent. Should you purchase a product at a discount, the points rewarded will be based on the discounted price (the actual price you pay) not the listed price. For example if a product that is normally $50 goes on sale for $25, members earn reward points based on your purchase of $25.

All purchases made prior to joining our rewards programme are not eligible for reward points credit.

The following are not eligible to receive reward points or participate in our reward points programme:

  • Purchases made prior to joining our reward points membership
  • Purchases made after joining our reward points membership but made without logging in to the membership account.
  • Purchase of our products that are not made through our site
  • Wholesalers Stockists, Retailers, Distributors

6. Returns 

In the unlikely event that a product purchased through the redemption code is to be returned to us for a refund, the refund will be made less the reward points redemption (reward points never have a cash value).

7. General Terms & Conditions

LLUIE will not be held responsible for any technical or unforeseen errors that may occur. LLUIE reserves all rights to cancel, modify or restrict the Rewards Programme at any time. Any changes can be made without notice, even if such changes may affect the use of your current points already accumulated.

Transferring, trading and selling of points is prohibited and may result in the confiscation and cancellation and suspension or termination of your membership. Any fraudulent or abusive behaviour relating to the accrual of points and redemption of points may result in the termination of membership and affect eligibility to participate in any programme by LLUIE, present or future - all of which the decision made by LLUIE is final.

The interpretation of the Reward Points Programme Terms & Conditions is at the sole discretion and determination by LLUIE. In the event of any disputes, LLUIE's decision is final.

Please use our Reward Points Programme responsibility so that you may enjoy the Reward Points Programme experience. Thank you.