Introducing the Lluie ‘Essential Range’

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Essential pieces to every baby’s nursery

This collection features a timeless design that is effortlessly stylish and functions as staple pieces to your little one’s nursery and wardrobe.

Available in an array of timeless colours, carefully selected to match your baby’s wardrobe.

Essential in Style

The Essential Range makes mixing and matching so easy for you. Your little ones will be effortlessly stylish = time saving for you during dress up times and being on time for appointments.

This collection features timeless designs and colours; no matter the season, you’ll continue to love them and enjoy them.

I believe that for the modern, style conscious mum, you’ll want to match your little one’s day to day outfits with the accessories you buy. I also want to help take away that time consuming process of you trying to figure out which colour will match with what. 

Here are some tips I’ve put together for you to show you how the ‘Essential Range’ can work so effortlessly for you.

Our ‘Essential Range’ is easily categorised into:

  1. Pastels
  2. Neutrals
  3. Moody

Look out for the category in the product listing. You will see e.g.

Essential Dummy Chain | Neutral | Sage

'Neutrals' - a very earthy, eco living vibe

I recommend that everyone should have at least one from the ‘Neutral’ colour range. The neutrals will make matching super easy and effortless - this is what you grab when you have no time to properly coordinate your little one’s outfits when you are running late!

Also pairs well with ‘Pastels’ & ‘Moody’

'Pastels' - a very sweet, gentle, classic vibe

The ‘Pastel’ colour range is that classic baby soft style. Sweet musky pink, baby blue, peach, lilac… ahh… makes your heart melt instantly when you see babies decked in this colour palette am I right?! Select from this colour range tones that match your little one’s pastel outfits. The pastels will all work well together - think pastel rainbow!

Also pairs well with ‘Neutrals’

‘Moody’ - for a chic, modern, classy vibe

Cool baby style? Well then you can’t shy away from some pieces in your wardrobe of the darker, moody tones. Navy, olive, mustard - so in trend and have been for years. Doesn’t go out of season and that’s what you’ll find in our ‘Moody’ range.

Also pairs well with ‘Neutrals’

Full match sets in our dummy chain or teether OR mix and match sets - it’s been made simple for you.

I can’t wait to start seeing your little ones decked out in style with our Lluie Essential Range.

Check out the Lluie Essential Range here.

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