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Delightful mealtimes, easy cleanups

As a mum of two girls, I’ve had my fair share of mealtime struggles. The transition to solids was filled with both excitement and anxiety for me.

I think the two biggest struggles were about how messy mealtimes got and the constant tiring task of cleaning up baby’s face, clothes, table and floor.  The other frustration involved wanting to feed them to keep the mess to a minimum but also wanting my baby to eat independently so that Bernard and I could eat our dinner at the same time, while the food was still freshly cooked and hot. Does this also resonate with you? Can I get a ‘hell yeah!’?

The thing is, I believe that babies and toddlers are actually fully capable of feeding themselves if we allow them to. Yes, it will be messy as they learn the skills to coordinate and feed independently. The best thing I could do for my girls was to provide them with the right tools to support their development in this area.  I was on a mission to find a good range of functional and supportive dinnerware!

I looked back at all the plates and bowls I had bought for my girls, what was useful, what wasn’t and why. I also wondered if my friends and my customers felt the same way and reached out  to gather some feedback.

I’m so excited with what we put together for our new Lluie Dinnerware Range. We could not wait to put each item to the test and I believe we have created a truly practical and thoughtful set for your children to enjoy.

Bear Plate Set

♡ The Bear Plate

The bear plate is a deep plate design. Why? To prevent food from easily being pushed off the sides. Also, with feeding young children, the wide and flat surface areas help piping hot freshly cooked food to cool a lot quicker so you don’t have to wait too long before allowing them to eat. No need to fuss with divided sections either with this plate that teaches our children to eat like us adults!

Do I hear a ‘does it come with a suction base’? YES! I have had enough of wasted food on the floor and broken bamboo bowls from Delia knocking them off the dining table.

Did I mention our dinnerware range is microwave, oven and freezer safe? Imagine all the possibilities of meals you can prepare in this bear plate 😍 

♡ Silicone Fork and Spoon

The bear plate set comes with a silicone fork and spoon. 

We decided on one with a long handle so young children can learn to hold the spoon and fork the right way, like us adults.

I made the mistake of giving Delia only a spoon as a baby.  She was really awkward with a fork when I handed her one at 3 years of age. Exposure is key to practise those #CoordinationSkills

Also, both the spoon and fork are fully silicone. This is so good on three levels:

  1. Gentle on teeth and gums
  2. Moulded as a single solid silicone piece - doesn't harbour any nasty bacteria!
  3. No more noisy banging on the table at meal times!

Just a bit of context, Delia used to bang on our glass dining table with her old metal fork and spoon and also scratch her teeth with them - drove me crazy! After switching to the silicone spoon and fork, Delia and Esme initially tried banging our glass table but they didn’t get a kick out of it as there was hardly any noise feedback. In psychology terms, there was no positive reinforcement so the behaviour stopped.

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Silicone Bib

Once you’ve tried these bibs, you’re very unlikely to go back to cloth bibs for mealtimes. They don’t stain like cloth bibs do. They also feature a generous pocket to catch food and unforgiving sauce to protect your children’s beautiful clothes. 

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 Collapsible Snack Cup

How ingenious are these! Pop your children’s fav snacks or fruit pieces in there and you have about 20 minutes to yourself while they are distracted, to make that phone call you needed to or put that load of laundry in the wash or even better yet, put your feet up and enjoy that cup of coffee, HOT!

The collapsible design makes for easy compact storage at home and for on the go.

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Fuss Free Cleanups

Our entire dinnerware range is such a breeze to clean too - rinse under hot running water or for very oily food just pop in the dishwasher and it is as good as new!


I hope you’ll love the products in our new dinnerware range as much as my family does. Please reach out to give me feedback, we are here to support you in your parenthood journey.

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